Day 1: the race is on



Such energy. So many people. WOW.

The venue is huge, the people are dying to start, the enthusiasm is high – Let’s get going :)))

The official start is 4:30 PM but waves and waves of people start arriving before that. From the friendly welcome desk they get greeted with a design-yourself-tee and are scooted over to our photostats (fun health themed photo stations), and from then on – the ice needs to be broken. The strategy for that was a Race by the Disabled, not literally though – the point being get all the awkwardness out of the way by experience what it is to be disabled (of sorts).

After a nice meal, the mayor of Aarhus payed us a nice visit with a very honest and inspiring speech and since “speech” was the current vibe all participants were rounded up for “instructions” lead by our lovely facilitator – Nick Stevens, which was naturally followed by participator pitches.

Groups were formed. Ideas are being developed. Let’s wild the metaphorical (or is it) whip and let’s get to work!


Stay tuned for more :)