Honorable Mention Award: “In My Steps”




“In My Steps” is an app created for cancer patients and their relatives. While using the app to measure your steps while taking a walk – the team focused on the idea of an online platform between family and friends to share their emotional feelings, worries and thoughts. This while your are walking or after. The business model is based on collaboration with companies that would benefit in sponsoring the steps taken and donate the money for cancer research. An interesting and empathic solution based on the team members own experiences of lost loved ones and newly diagnosed relatives.

Best of luck to “In My Steps” from Startup Weekend Aarhus Health!

Team members of “In My Steps”:
Kasper Løvborg Jensen, kasper@leafcastlelabs.com
Morten Elsøe, me@foodmatters.dk
Michael Lajlev, lajlev@gmail.com