Overall Winners “Rehappy”


Rehappys goal is to optimize rehabilitation with a mobile function telling you how to train and exercise your body to regain full control after fx a stroke.

The judges liked the presentation, including a functioning prototype, showed live at the final pitch, sunday at 17.00. Also the judges told the team, that there are a lot of competing services out there – but if the team benchmarked cleverly they might have a chance to get futher with their interesting concept.

The Overall Winner team, who is based of front-end developers, occupational- and physiotherapists and an industrial designer – accomplished quite a lot during the 54 hours of work at Startup Weekend Aarhus Health. They also catch the lens of the photographer from Jylland Postens sunday afternoon! All the best of luck to Rehappy – and their opportunity to optimize the user experience when to rehabilitate.

For further contact: chrlyck@gmail.com