The most innovative idea – “Social Loop”




Social Loop had quite an extraordinary weekend. The team leader Andy Sontag initiated at fridays pitch, that he would like to come up with a concept based on stress reduction. At saturday at 17.00 the team decided to go in another direction. That turning point showed itself to be a good idea!

The team went out saturday night and experimented a bit with a cell phone in a bar. In the one end, team member Malik was chatting to randon people, who handed the phone around for the next guest in the bar – to find Andy somewhere on the spot. This turned out to be a local politician – and a new idea of creating fun and engagement between people created the teams new idea. To put this idea into a health perspective, could be an interesting point to share smiles and thoughts between doctors, nurses, patients as well as relatives in the hospital ward.

Congratulations to Social Loop – Startup Weekend Aarhus Health looks forward to hear where you are taking it!

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